Whether it's a particularly smooth zinfandel or a delightfully bubbly sparkling wine, each California winegrowing region imparts subtle nuances to the wines and grapes grown within its borders. Each region has a diverse and distinctive mix of wine styles, grape varieties, wine-grape growers, vintners, wineries and events.

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Interested in learning more about the wines produced in a particular winegrowing area? Explore the regions, links and resources to the right and get to know more about California’s vineyards.


Sacramento Valley

In the Sacramento Valley, the dry soils and Mediterranean climate work together to provide an ideal environment for flavorful grapes to thrive. Best known for its full-flavored zinfandels and bold petite sirahs, the region also provides the right conditions for chardonnay and other wine grape varieties. Previously a widespread series of wetlands, the valley has the right types of soils and microclimates to cultivate a variety of delicious grapes and delectable wines.

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