Stewards of the Land

California’s wine-grape growers are the heartbeat of the state’s wine community. For generations, their innovative efforts, respect for tradition, and commitment to California’s land, people and resources have led the Golden State to be recognized throughout the world for its exceptional wines.

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Stewards of the Land
Bruce Fry and family

Terroir (pronounced Tair-wah):

A French term used to describe how a vineyard’s geography, soil, weather conditions and farming techniques can impart certain characteristics upon the grapes and wine that reflect “a sense of the land.”

California Wine-Grape Growers

Meet Our Growers - Meet the families and faces behind the vineyards that make California a world-renowned wine region. These growers and their families take pride in the high-quality wines their grapes produce, and are respectful of the land, resources and people that make it possible to turn their passion into a profession. Get to know some of our growers.

Caring for the Land - California’s wine-grape growers adhere to some of the highest growing standards in the world. Their commitment to ensuring their growing practices are environmentally, socially and economically sound has become a model for growers and regions throughout the world. Take a look at their commitment to responsible wine-grape growing.


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